My Top Five Best Smash Ultimate Fighters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a lot of fighters and while many are good, these are my personal best ones.

5. Kirby

Smash Ultimate

Nintendo’s pink heroic alien has always been one of my favorites. At launch, Kirby got some semi weak stats but he later got updated with real power. Now he’s one of the better fighters in the game.

4. Lucina

Smash Bros Switch

Lucina is about like Marth but I prefer her a bit better than her ancient ancestor. Her quick moves plus her counter makes her very deadly in my hands.

3. Byleth

Byleth Smash Bros

Byleth was not a character Smash fans were excited to see but I was really surprised how well I did with her. I also really enjoyed Three Houses which is the game she comes from. Her power and speed are a good balance.

2. Bowser

Bowser smash bros

I don’t remember maining Bowser before Ultimate but he was my main until I found my #1 to be so excellent. His power and speed are surprisingly amazing.

1. Palutena

Palutena smash bros

While they nerfed her a little a few months ago, I really enjoyed Palutena. Her power, speed, and counter make her so excellent.

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