The Birdcage (1996 Film) Review

I had only heard of The Birdcage until recently. I was shocked since it stars Robin Williams and he was one of my favorite actors before his tragic death. But I was excited to see it, especially after it had a pretty original premise.

The story is mainly about Armand Goldman and his circle of friends and family. He and his partner Albert own a drag club in Florida. Albert is a star in the club, while Armand mostly sticks to managing it.

One day, Armand’s son Danny comes to visit. He tells his dad that he’s getting married. While his young age poses a problem, Armand still supports his son at the end of the day. But there is a tiny problem with the bride’s family.

That her dad Kevin Keeley is a Republican senator. Not just any conservative, but a leader of a “moral movement.” He’s also up for re-election this year. It’s going to be quite an awkward family dinner.

Overall I really enjoyed The Birdcage. I do find it impressive that at least two gay characters are played by straight actors, such great acting talent there. It has a great underlying message and while it’s not really anyone’s greatest work, it’s just a good and enjoyable film.

Score: B

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