The Office (TV Series) Season 1 Review

The Office is a show I’ve been meaning to watch for quite some time now. I have seen quite a number of clips and memes based on the show for forever now. So now it was finally time to give it a proper viewing.

The show is set in a paper company, most specifically a branch in Pennsylvania. We mostly see the lives of the office workers with a few of the warehouse employees as well. The boss of the branch is Michael Scott, who is often clueless, vain, bigoted, and dying for attention and “love.”

The 2nd in command is Dwight, who might be inhuman. His loyalty to Michael is strong but he is easily upset and annoyed.

The rest of the employees have their own quirks. One is an uptight Christian, one is a divorced middle aged woman, one guy has no filter in his head, and many more. The obvious favorites from me would be Jim and Pam whom have a strong attraction for another, but Pam is engaged so that complicates things.

Overall the first season of The Office is a good but imperfect one. Like many sitcoms, the first season is short, sometimes awkward, but has potential for better things. I hear the later seasons are better so I look forward to them

Score: B

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2 thoughts on “The Office (TV Series) Season 1 Review

  1. This is one of my favorite shows. It does get better, but does start to lag after Steve left the show so the final seasons aren’t that great either.


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