The Lion King (2019 Film) Review

One of my favorite films as a kid was The Lion King. It was one of the most successful movies ever made. But I had my doubts on the remake. But with it on Disney+, it was time to give it a fair try.

The story is pretty much 95% the same as the original. King Mufasa and his wife welcome a son named Simba. The young cub is quite curious.

King Mufasa teaches young Simba on how to be a wonderful king one day. Their kingdom has a delicate ecosystem, so a good king would ensure a harmonious albeit imperfect balance.

Unfortunately Simba’s uncle Scar doesn’t share the same philosophy. He wants to hunt any animal to his heart’s content. He makes an alliance with the hyenas to make the coup of a lifetime.

Overall, I thought The Lion King remake was pretty good but I do prefer the original. I heard some negative opinions from people last year, but I think they might have been bitter at Disney for so many live-action remakes.

Score: B+

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