Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

Shantae half-genie hero Nintendo switch cover

Over 20 years ago, Shantae came out on the Game Boy Color. I didn’t get a Game Boy Color until very late on, so I missed the game entirely. My local library had Shantae Half-Genie Hero for Nintendo Switch so I decided to get it.

Shantae half-genie hero Nintendo switch Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 PlayStation Vita Wii U Xbox One

I was wondering if this game was a remake of the original on Game Boy Color. Because the opening does seem to focus on Shantae a lot, almost like an origin story.

Shantae half-genie hero Nintendo switch Ultimate Edition

But this is apparently a true sequel, but the first game in the series to be made for high-definition consoles.

Shantae half-genie hero conveyor belt Nintendo switch Wii U

I wasn’t very shocked to see it plays very much like a traditional 2D platformer. You can run and jump around, and Shantae mainly attacks with her hair.

Shantae half-genie hero monkey power Nintendo switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Shantae also has some magic powers in addition to her regular moves. The only one I saw was a monkey transformation where she could jump and climb on walls.

First boss battle Shantae half-genie hero Nintendo switch Xbox One PlayStation 4 Wii U

It became obvious to me that Shantae is a very unforgiving game. Low health bars and instant deaths become a common occurrence.

Shantae half-genie hero kidnapped mermaids Nintendo switch Xbox One PlayStation Vita PC

My patience grew tiresome, so I decided to return the game to the library.

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