OverWatch (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

OverWatch d.va Nintendo switch orange costume blizzard Xbox One PS4

A few years ago, I played Paladins for the first time on Nintendo Switch. It was a free yet addictive game. I heard comparisons to Overwatch which didn’t come out on Nintendo Switch until last year I think. They had it half off, so I decided to buy it.

OverWatch D.va handgun Nintendo switch Xbox One PS4 PC blizzard

The Paladins team claim that they base their game off of Team Fortress 2. After playing OverWatch for a few matches, I can see that Paladins is a shameless rip-off of OverWatch, no doubt about it

OverWatch online gameplay D. VA Nintendo switch Xbox One PS4 PC

There are a few differences between Paladins and OverWatch. And there are some things that Paladins does that I think is better than OverWatch. But OverWatch is definitely better in graphics and overall presentation.

OverWatch Nintendo switch Bridget giant Shield Xbox One PS4 PC blizzard

OverWatch is mainly multiplayer, with quite a number of game modes and maps to play on. You always play on teams for the most part, and every team usually has two members of different classes of heroes.

Nintendo switch OverWatch PS4 or Xbox One blizzard giant green gun

You basically have three classes to pick from as a character. You have characters that are great for defense, amazing for offense, and then another class that are mostly healers to protect the other characters.

OverWatch champions online match Nintendo switch Xbox One PS4 PlayStation 4 PC

Overall, after a few hours of OverWatch I’ve been having a lot of fun. I will imagine after many more hours, I’ll probably be playing it more hours than Paladins.

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