2014 Ford Focus Towed for Transmission Problems

2014 Ford Focus blue on tow truck redds trucking Spartanburg South Carolina

A few weeks ago, my Ford Focus which I just bought used a few months ago, had a huge transmission problem. Eventually it was towed to the Ford dealership in the local area. Luckily, Ford extended the warranty for the transmission, so it was all fixed for free.

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2 thoughts on “2014 Ford Focus Towed for Transmission Problems

  1. I was just about to say you only had it a short while! My Polo is from 2008 – it was my gran’s and I got it after she died in 2011 with less than 1300 miles :-O She rarely used it! It is well over 65k now!

  2. Glad it was fixed free. My warranty was up last month and my transmission hose burst this month. Thankfully it was only $350 to fix instead of thousands for a new transmission!

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