Toy Story 4 (2019 Film) Review

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Toy Story 4 was a movie I missed out on last year. But now with Disney+, I was able to see it. Toy Story was the first film by Pixar, and this fourth entry is supposed to be the last one. But was it the best one in the series or the worst one?

Bonnie Anderson playing with Woody and forky Toy Story 4 Pixar Disney

At the end of Toy Story 3, all of Andy’s toys ended up in the ownership of a little girl named Bonnie Anderson. While she is younger and sweeter, Bonnie isn’t as appreciative of her toys as Andy was but she does play with them often.

Toy Story 4 Woody the cowboy Buzz Lightyear the astronaut Tom Hanks Tim Allen

But we see Woody mostly in the leading role. Even a big notable character like Buzz Lightyear is more of a side character this time around. Woody know something about Bonnie that all the other toys don’t quite realize yet.

Toy Story 4 Woody and forky Disney Pixar Tom Hanks

Woody meet Bonnie’s newest toy which is one she made herself. His name is forky, and he is made of trash. When Forky realizes he is made differently, he goes AWOL. Woody has to get him back, as Bonnie will be very upset if he goes missing.

Toy Story 4 Woody and Bo Peep Tom Hanks Disney Pixar

Overall I enjoyed Toy Story 4, but I will say it’s the weakest in the series. While it does do a lot of things differently, it does give me a lot of deja vu with Toy Story 3 which was said to be the finale of the series about a decade ago. So I don’t entirely trust Pixar when they promise they’ll be no Toy Story 5.

Score: B-

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  1. Even though I have a few of the action figures from this series, I can’t say I’ve actually seen any of the movies, but I’m glad you enjoyed it a little bit. Hugs, RO

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