Things I Like: King Dedede (Kirby’s Adventure)

King dedede Kirby's adventure nes Nintendo

This was my first time fighting the most famous enemy in the Kirby series.

Kirby's Adventure NES Nintendo King Dedede boss fight Mallet versus Kirby

With strong attacks and a pretty large endurance, you have to take King Dedede seriously.

Kirby's Adventure King Dedede floating NES Nintendo Kirby

Always thought it was neat that King Dedede shared a lot of the same powers as Kirby. Such as being able to float.

King Dedede Vs Kirby Kirby's Adventure NES Nintendo 8-bit

And the ability to swallow enemies. Except he can’t take their powers.

Kirby's Adventure King Dedede defeated by Kirby NES Nintendo 8-bit

While a challenging boss battle, he’s not impossible to beat.

Kirby humiliates King Dedede Kirby's Adventure NES Nintendo 8-bit

After he’s defeated, both him and Kirby are about to see the true final boss.

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