Caulking My Mother’s Windows with Lexel and Painting it with Rust-Oleum

Old window cracking caulk White Lightning latex

My mom has windows that are about 10 years old. I noticed the caulking around her windows were very nasty and started to crack. I hated looking at them, so I decided to do something about it.

Old gray caulk cracked latex on white window

Here is a better picture of the caulk. I cleaned it and try to scrape as much of it as I could off all the windows.

Old black metal shutters on window

She also has some really old shutters, and they looked horrible.

Lexel caulk white color caulking tube Ace Hardware

For the caulk, I used Lexel in white. It’s just as waterproof as silicone and way easier to use and clean up. Unlike most silicone, it’s paintable. But if you use it, you have to wait 2 days to coat it with latex paint and a week for oil based paint.

Rustoleum High Performance spray paint in white high gloss oil based paint

When it came time to paint, I decided to go with a spray paint. So I used Rust-Oleum high performance spray paint. High gloss white for the windows, and high gloss black for the shutters.

Freshly painted and caulk window restoration

This project I did a little at a time for a few months. But all of her windows are done and they look so much better.

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  1. The window looks so much better, Adam! I’m sure your mother really appreciated it!

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