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Liberty My Favorite Pitbull in the World

Female pitbull resting on porch Taylor's South Carolina

Since January of this year, I’ve gotten to know and love this pitbull named Liberty. She’s not my dog but I’ve spent countless hours with her over these long months.

Pitbull on leash for a walk South Carolina Taylors

My favorite thing to do with Liberty is walking her. Walking her originally became a chore of sorts, but doing so reminded me of walking my old dog Zelda. Unlike Zelda, Liberty will often take breaks in a walk and refuse to move until she’s done sniffing something or looking at a house.

Pitbull in car waiting on Mom

I will say, Liberty’s loyalty to her mother is one of the purest forms of love I’ve ever seen. She never seems to grow tired of her mom and gets upset when she leaves even of it’s for a tiny bit of time. I knew Liberty loved me too when I didn’t see her for weeks and she wouldn’t get off of me when I saw her again.

Husky dog and Pitbull playing in living room

She has a “boyfriend” named Hunter that she gets super excited to see. I will say, when they play they get pretty rough.

Pitbull and Cat on bed dog

She has a brother, a cat named Bronx and they fight all the time. Liberty craves attention, if Bronx or their sister Brooklyn is being petted, she’ll immediately try to steal that attention away.

Dogs playing outside Taylors South Carolina

Since I no longer have a dog anymore, having Liberty in my life has helped the feeling of not having a dog. There is not a living dog I love more today than Liberty.

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