Safety Celebration Carnival at Work

Making a carnival for the workplace

My work hit a milestone for safety as we have been more safe this year than any other year before. To reward us, they made this little carnival. It was a little lame but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Cotton candy machine

They had food, and sugary stuff such as cotton candy and snow cones.

Cornhole board bean bags blue and red

They also had games, such as cornhole boards.

Bucket ball game

Throwing the ball in a bucket.

Throwing ring at bottles game Carnival

And throwing rings at bottles game. You are eligible to win one prize that day. And I won… Sidewalk chalk.

Little girl using sidewalk chalk

So I gave it to a pair of my nieces.

Little girl happy using Crayola sidewalk chalk

I was glad to see that they enjoyed it.

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