Pokemon Sword/Shield (Nintendo Switch) Review

Pokemon sword boxart North America Nintendo switch

After playing Pokemon Blue as a kid, I imagined a fully 3D Pokemon game for the Nintendo 64. We got Pokemon Stadium, but it wasn’t really the adventure we had been hoping for. Even on the GameCube and Wii there was no 3D Pokemon game. But now that Nintendo’s handheld and console are the same system, Game Freak has finally made a true 3D Pokemon Adventure.

Pokemon sword Pokemon Shield hero bedroom Nintendo switch TV Pikachu lamp Game Freak

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are not drastically different Pokemon games compared to the rest of the series. You pick your generic hero, as they start their journey of being a Pokemon Master. They say goodbye to Mom, and many hours later their journey takes them to the Pokemon League.

Pokemon sword Pokemon Shield Leon endorses hero and hop Nintendo switch Game Freak

This time your rival is a young boy named Hop. The only thing that makes him special is that his brother is the league champion. Leon somehow endorses the both of you to face him later in a league tournament.

Pokemon sword Pokemon Shield Hero vs hop Pikachu Nintendo switch Game Freak

The gameplay in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield hasn’t changed much. The Gyms however are a little different. They give you missions to complete which vary throughout the game. Most Gamers heard that not every Pokemon is available in this game, and that apparently is true.

Zacian first appearance Pokemon sword Pokemon Shield Nintendo switch Game Freak scorbunny

I would say Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are probably the worst main games in the series. Besides the 3D and the graphics, it doesn’t add anything new to the series. It’s also amazingly short, I beat it under 15 hours. Though, I still found it fun, and I did enjoy the game.

Score: B

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