Things I Like: Krillin (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super Krillin with hair Japan anime

Like most of the Dragon Ball Z cast, Krillin’s role in Dragon Ball Super is not as notable but he still had his moments.

Dragon Ball super Krillin as a cop Japan anime

I thought it was perfect that he became a cop. While he became a joke in the Dragon Ball Community for being weak, he’s technically the strongest human being. No criminal could hurt him.

Dragon Ball super Krillin and Android 18 Japan anime

We all get to see more into this marriage I never understood.

Dragon Ball super Android 17 meets Marron Japan anime

All things said, Krillin is a really good father. Android 17 is a pretty awful uncle.

Dragon Ball super Tournament of power Krillin vs. Majora

He fought pretty well during the tournament of power.

Dragon Ball super Frost eliminates Krillin Tournament of power

Until he drops his guard, and he gets eliminated by Frost.

Dragon Ball super Krillin eliminated Tournament of power

And he gets shame of being the first eliminated from Universe 7 during the tournament of power.

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