Ad Astra (2019 Film) Review

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I remember hearing about Ad Astra a few months ago when it was a trivia question on some game show. I was shocked I had no idea that the movie came out because it’s fairly new. My local library had a copy on Blu-ray, and eventually came my turn to watch it.

Ad Astra Roy McBride and Eve astronaut uniforms Brad Pitt Liv Tyler

The movie’s main character is Roy McBride. He lives in a not-so-distant future, where mankind has been able to explore and colonize parts of the solar system. While outer space was once free of crime and corruption, this is not true in Roy McBride’s time.

Ad Astra Tommy Lee Jones Clifford McBride

Roy’s father Clifford McBride, was once one of the most brilliant astronauts on Earth. He led a mission to the outer planets almost two decades before, but went missing about sixteen years years ago. Roy is told from the government that Clifford is probably still alive. Not only that, he has his hands on technology that could threaten not only Earth but the entire solar system.

Roy McBride orange astronaut costume Ad Astra Brad Pitt

Knowing that Clifford might yield to his son, Roy is asked to find his father. While the mission will be tough on its own, the dangers of others out in space will pose a major threat to Roy. Will he be able to save the solar system?

Ad Astra Moon rover astronauts versus Pirates Brad Pitt James Gray

Overall, I was terribly disappointed by Ad Astra. I expected this grand space journey, but I get this strange hybrid film of space exploration, family drama, and corrupt governments. It’s a gorgeous film, almost breathtaking in its best moments, but that only gets the film so far. If James Gray was shooting for a Jupiter of a film, he got Mars at best.

Score: C+

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