Things I Like: Android 18 (Dragon Ball Super)

Android 18 Dragon Ball super Tournament of power Japan anime

Like always, I did like Android 18 in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super Android 18 Krillin Marron Goku Gohan Japan anime FUNimation animation

For most of the series, she doesn’t really fight. We mainly see her be the wife and mother she became near the end of Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball super Future Trunks sees Android 18

I did enjoy the awkward moment between her and Future Trunks.

Dragon Ball super Tournament of power Android 18 Android 17 team up Funimation

She does fight during the tournament of power. First teaming up with her husband Krillin, and later with her brother Android 17.

Android 18 eliminated Tournament of power Dragon Ball super

She does sacrifice herself, though not mortally to save her brother Android 17 from being eliminated himself.

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