Things I Hate: Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Super)

Majin Buu gets mad at basil for hurting mr. Satan

He was one of my favorite characters in Dragon Ball Z, however his role in Dragon Ball Super kind of sucked.

Majin Buu refuses to give up pudding Lord beerus mr. Satan Dragon Ball super

He did retain some of his humor, but there was only one real funny moment.

Dragon Ball super Lord beerus vs Majin Buu cruise ship

Lord Beerus defeated Buu rather easily.

Majin Buu vs. Basil Dragon Ball super

When he did win a fight, it was rather forgettable.

Majin Buu falls asleep Dragon Ball super mr. Satan Goku

During the tournament of power, when Universe 7 needed him the most, he falls asleep. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

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