Things I Like: Cabba (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super cabba Universe 6 Saga tournament

Cabba was a very interesting character in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball super cabba vs Vegeta Universe 6 vs 7 tournament Super Saiyans

Being a Saiyan from a different universe, Cabba didn’t know what a Super Saiyan was and Vegeta awoken the power within him.

Dragon Ball super Vegeta defeats cabba with super saiyan blue

And Vegeta totally out classes him with Super Saiyan Blue.

Dragon Ball super cabba recruits caulifla Japan anime Funimation

After the tournament, Cabba recruits more for the tournament of power and teaches them how to be Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball super cabba vs Frieza Tournament of power

He does okay during the tournament of power, until Frieza challenges him and he gets eliminated.

Universe 6 stands Tournament of power Hit, Champa cabba

I was glad he was wished back by Android 17.

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