Things I Like: Frieza (Dragon Ball Super)

Frieza is revived Dragon Ball super Japan anime

I was a little surprised to see Frieza return in the storyline. But for the most part, I liked his story in Dragon Ball Super. Some of his old followers use the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life.

Golden Frieza versus Super Saiyan blue Goku Dragon Ball super

He trains and becomes a rival to Goku. Using his golden form and some trickery, he manages to defeat Goku somewhat.

Super Saiyan blue Vegeta vs golden Frieza Dragon Ball super

But Frieza is horrified when Vegeta reveals that he can turn Super Saiyan Blue too.

Dragon Ball super Frieza is killed with Kamehameha by Goku

But at the end of the day, Goku kills Frieza to prevent him from destroying the Earth.

Dragon Ball super Frieza is recruited for Tournament of power Lord beerus Goku Vegeta Supreme Kai

Goku goes to hell to recruit Frieza for the tournament of power. Which was very awkward for all parties involved.

Dragon Ball super Frieza and Gohan vs Frost Japan anime Funimation

He does okay during the tournament of power, though he spends a lot of time hiding and just plotting nefarious crap.

whis gives Frieza his life back Dragon Ball super

Everyone was surprised to see Frieza granted his life back. Then he admits that he’s not going to change. You would think Frieza would learn by now.

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