Things I Like: Champa (Dragon Ball Super)

God of destruction of universe 6 Champa Dragon Ball super anime Japan Funimation

Besides Lord Beerus, Champa is the God of destruction we see most during Dragon Ball Super.

Vados advised Champa not to cheat during the tournament of power Dragon Ball super

His angel Vados, is not as loyal to him as Whis is to Lord Beerus.

Dragon Ball super Lord beerus vs Champa anime Japan

He’s also the brother and twin of Lord Beerus, meaning they came from the same universe but it’s hard to say which one. It’s implied that Lord Beerus is stronger, mainly because Champa let himself go and got fat and lazy.

Champa gets mad and threatens to destroy hit Cabba and frost

Like Beerus, Champa has a short temper. I think it’s ironic that he almost wiped out his best warriors which would have put his chances to zero during the tournament of power.

Beerus and Champa bow to to the Omni King Lord Zeno Dragon Ball super

Both Champa and Lord Beerus are extremely afraid of Lord Zeno.

Dragon Ball super Champa erased from existence Tournament of power

He’s erased from existence when his team loses the tournament of power. He’s not super grateful to Universe 7 when Android 17 wishes them all back to life.

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