Things I Like: Future Trunks (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks blue hair sword versus Goku black

I really liked Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z, and I did favor him too in Dragon Ball Super.

Future Trunks versus Goku Dragon Ball super wakes up

He appears out of nowhere and arrives at Bulma’s mansion. He’s incredibly hurt and when Goku gives him a senzu bean, he attacks Goku on first sight.

Dragon Ball super Goku black rose vs Future Trunks

Turns out Trunks was running from a being known as Goku Black. He escapes to the past to see if he could get some help.

Dragon Ball super Future Trunks slays fused zamasu

In the end, Trunks defeats his nemesis with the sword attack resembling the energy of Goku’s Spirit Bomb.

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks with Mai whis

Future Zeno erases Trunks’ Earth from existence. Whis manages to alter time to give Trunks a future where the Earth is still around but Zamasu is not.

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