Things I Like: Vegito (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super Vegito is Reborn Goku black Saga

Vegito was one of my favorite characters in Dragon Ball Z. I was glad to see him return in Dragon Ball Super.

Goku Vegeta Future Trunks Supreme Kai Goku black Saga Dragon Ball super

The idea to fuse again came up when Zamasu and Goku black fused together.

Dragon Ball Super Vegito turns Super Saiyan blue Goku black Saga

Luckily Vegito has no problem turning Super Saiyan Blue.

Goku black Saga Dragon Ball super Vegito vs zamasu

Unlike the fight with Super Buu, Vegito didn’t totally outclass Zamasu.

Dragon Ball super Vegito Super Saiyan blue energy sword vs zamasu

And Vegito does seem to be the stronger of the two however.

Dragon Ball super Vegito unfuse as Goku and Vegeta

I did think it was lame when they unfused so quickly. Such a waste of potential.

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