Things I Hate: Jiren (Dragon Ball Super)

jiren pride tropper uniform dragon Ball super Japan anime

Jiren is the last antagonist in Dragon Ball Super. I thought he was way too powerful and he didn’t have a very interesting backstory.

Dragon Ball super super saiyan blue Vegeta and Goku vs. Jiren

He basically serves as the juggernaut that everyone from every universe fears. He spends most of the tournament of power just meditating.

Tournament of power Dragon Ball super jiren vs. Goku and Vegeta Kaioken Super Saiyan blue

Nobody could seem to hurt him, no matter what powers they tried.

Dragon Ball super Tournament of power Goku and Frieza defeat jiren

But at the very end, Android 17 Frieza and Goku manage to defeat him.

Dragon Ball super Grand Zeno erases jiren from existence FUNimation Japan anime

And he remains erased from existence for about 5 minutes until Android 17 wishes him back along with the other universes.

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