Things I Like: Android 17 (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball Super Android 17 versus aliens Japan anime Funimation

I never quite expected Android 17 to show up and so late in the series. But at least showing up late gave him the opportunity for a decent story.

Dragon Ball super Goku recruits Android 17 for tournament of power

Android 17 spent most of his time protecting strong but vulnerable animals on some island. Goku barely manages to convince him to join the tournament of power.

Dragon Ball Super Android 17 Vegeta Goku vs. Jiren Tournament of power

He does decently well during the tournament of power. And just by luck alone, he remains the last fighter.

Dragon Ball Super Android 17 makes wish to Omega Shenron Super Dragon Balls Tournament of power

Thus he gets to wish upon the Super Dragon Balls. And with his wish, he brings back all the erased universes.

Dragon Ball super Universe 7 wins tournament of power Goku Vegeta Android 18 Piccolo Android 17

Though his sister Android 18 doesn’t understand why he made a wish so selfless.

Dragon Ball super Grand Minister reveals purpose of the tournament of power to gods of Destruction and the Kai's

But the Grand Minister reveals that his selfless wish was a test. If a selfish wish had been made, then Grand Zeno would have erased all the universes.

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