Things I Like: Gordie (Pokemon Sword)

Pokemon sword Gordie gym leader Ultra Ball Nintendo switch Game Freak Circhester Stadium

Gordie was probably the first gym leader to give me trouble in Pokemon Sword. He’s exclusive to Sword, his mother Melony take his place in Shield.

Circhester Stadium gym trial detectors Nintendo switch Pokemon Sword Game Freak

His gym trial was probably my least favorite.

Circhester Stadium Pokemon Sword gym trial Nintendo switch Game Freak

You have to figure out this maze, and it got rather annoying.

Stonjourner gordie vs cinderace Pokemon Sword Nintendo switch gymboss Game Freak

His Pokemon are all rock type, and since my best Pokemon was fire that wasn’t very good.

coalossal gordie Pokemon Sword boss battle Nintendo switch Game Freak

And I only had one water type, so I had to use a lot of my B Team.

Gordie boss battle Pokemon Sword Nintendo switch Game Freak

Most of my Pokemon fell to his last one.

drednaw dynamax form Gordie Gym battle Pokemon Sword Nintendo switch

But I waited till the last moment to use my water Pokemon.

Gordie congratulate you for winning Pokemon Sword Nintendo switch Game Freak Japan Japanese

While it was a bitter battle, I did enjoy the challenge.

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