High Score (TV Documentary) Review

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I had heard about High Score a few days ago. It’s one of Netflix’s documentaries and probably its first based on video games if I’m not mistaken. Since I love video games and Netflix, the idea of watching it was only a matter of time.

Ken Williams Mystery House high score documentary Netflix

Instead of it being a movie documentary, it is covered via different episodes. They mainly focus on the early days of video games. Anything past the early 1990s, isn’t really talked about.

Richard Garriott Dungeons & Dragons Ultima high score Netflix documentary

While we have all heard about Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima, this one covers video game legends who are rather unknown. Some discovered their creations by accident, while others have just faded from the spotlight.

High score Netflix documentary Doom on the PC

But all these mini stories make up a large creation of video game innovations. Such as the launch of Space Invaders, the beginning of “real” PC gaming, the controversy of Mortal Kombat, and the birth of online gaming.

John Romero talks about Doom high score Netflix documentary

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy High Score as much as I hoped, however I still enjoyed it quite a bit. They cover a lot of the lesser known stuff and interview people I forgot existed. While the ill-fated G4 had done much of this criteria better, I wouldn’t mind more gaming content out of Netflix originals.

Score: B

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