The Adoption of Simba the Malamute

Brown Malamute dog Greenville Humane Society South Carolina outside play area

One of my friends adopted a Malamute dog named Simba. We were pretty sure he lived in a house nearby and was recently given up.

Orange Malamute dog shy Greenville Humane Society South Carolina

He apparently had a rough time especially when a dog he bonded with got adopted.

Greenville Humane Society two dogs playing together

We brought my favorite dog, Liberty to see how well he would get along with her. Simba and Liberty did well together.

Orange Malamute dog being super shy in house

The friend that actually adopted the dog was working that night. Simba got loose on a walk and ran crying to the house we thought he belonged to once. There was no doubt about it after that.

Orange Malamute dog living room

He got loose again when we tried to take him into his new house. It took forever to get him inside.

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