The Death of Stalin (2017 Film) Review

The death of Stalin movie poster armando iannucci

The Death of Stalin intrigued me when I saw it on Netflix. I know a lot about the history of the Soviet Union, and Joseph Stalin certainly did live an interesting life. But his death was often more peculiar than most Heads of State. This dark comedy makes fun of how he died and the aftermath.

The death of Stalin Joseph Stalin portrayed by Adrian mclouglin

The film starts in the year 1953, almost a decade after World War 2 ended. While Russia no longer has to fight the Nazis, Joseph Stalin is still worried about enemies within Russia itself. While he’s mostly paranoid, countless people are executed under his command.

The death of Stalin Nikita khruschev Steve buscemi

Then one day, Joseph Stalin falls to a terrible illness. Nobody wants to call a doctor, because Joseph Stalin himself had the best doctors in the Soviet Union executed. All of his staff have conflicting views about what to do with the tyrant.

The death of Stalin communist committee georgy malenkov Jeffrey tambor

When the infamous Joseph Stalin takes his last breath, the big question arrives about what to do with the leadership of the Soviet Union. Once you see all the viable candidates, it becomes obvious that nobody is qualified for the job.

The death of Stalin Jason Isaac general georgy zhukov

I was greatly disappointed by The Death of Stalin. It has a great cast with plenty of talent, but the only person I enjoyed was Jason Isaacs. It plays kind of loose with history, which would be okay if the film was funnier which it really isn’t.

Score: C-

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One thought on “The Death of Stalin (2017 Film) Review

  1. I loved the actors in the movie, but like you, I had a hard time with it. There were a few funny moments, but it wasn’t as humorous as I thought it would be. I’m just waiting for Mulan, Ratchet and No Time to Die(lol),and enjoying the fanless US Open. Hugs, RO


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