Things I Like: Steven Hyde (That 70’s Show)

That 70s show Steven Hyde Danny Masterson

Not exactly my favorite, but I did like Stephen Hyde on That 70’s Show.

That 70s show hyde versus Laurie Forman

His anti-government and conspiracy theories were rather weak compared to a character like Dale Gribble from King of the Hill, but he had that attitude and sparred well with most characters.

That 70s show kitty Forman Eric Stephen Hyde Topher Grace Danny Masterson

His mother abandon him early on, and he is de facto adopted by the Forman family.

That 70s show Steven hide and Jackie Burkhardt Mila Kunis Danny Masterson

His relationship with Jackie could not have been guessed, and honestly I never understood it. They eventually break up.

That 70s show Stephen Hyde meets his black father Danny Masterson

I did like the character of his father, who surprisingly was black. Hyde had been given strange genes when it came to skin pigmentation.

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