Meeting Bagel The Beagle Puppy

Tiny beagle puppy playing in grass

I was glad I got a chance to see Bagel the beagle while he was still small. They keep him at my brother’s in-laws house which is right down the yard from their house.

Large black lab dog Easley South Carolina

Before I saw Bagel, I got to meet Buster, a black lab.

Tiny beagle puppy chasing feet

I was surprised how tiny Bagel really is. He’s smaller than my foot.

Tiny beagle puppy annoying tabby cat

He’s quite fearless and very friendly. One of the family cats is not a fan.

Family hugging beagle puppy

I can tell my nephew Mr. C is really attached to him.

Plastic red patio chairs black lab dog

Both the dog and the puppy walked up to their house and we sat near the patio and watched them.

Black lab dog playing with beagle puppy

I was a bit worried that Buster would accidentally hurt or kill Bagel. He tries to be gentle, but his weight is so much more massive than the tiny Bagel.

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