Waiting…(2005 Film) Review

Waiting movie poster Ryan Reynolds.

Waiting… is a movie I hadn’t really heard of until a friend suggested it for us to watch. I was surprised I had never heard of it, as Ryan Reynolds is the main star of the movie. But it’s a comedy, and I was in the mood for a comedy.

Waiting movie shenanigans Monty Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds plays Monty, a young man who has worked for the restaurant Shenaniganz for at least a few years to be the pro of the local restaurant. He has a notorious reputation for being a jerk, and dating girls in high school.

Waiting movie Monty trains Mitch Ryan Reynolds

A young man named Mitch is hired by the manager and Monty is tasked to showing him what to do on his first day on the job. Mitch seems happy to learn, but he might not be happy to discover the dark parts about the restaurant and staff.

Serena vowles Waiting movie Anna Faris

Mitch never knew he would discover so many interesting coworkers. There are several waiters and they all have their own faults and pluses. The manager is rather crazy, and has questionable morals. The kitchen staff are their own bucket of fun. But the game they all play is the funniest part of all.

Raddimus lopez Waiting movie Luis Guzman

Overall, I found Waiting… was a pretty good movie. It’s not the greatest comedy of all time, but I did enjoy watching it. I will say, if Ryan Reynolds was not in the movie it probably would’ve been a lot worse. I was a bit surprised it did so poorly with critics, but that’s a common fate for even the best comedies.

Score: B

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  1. Ryan’s stuff is normally decent and not all comedy! I’ve seen a few of his films recently. Safe House was very good and The Voices too but kinda messed up and crazy!

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