Hubie Halloween (2020 Film) Review

Hubie Halloween 2020 movie poster Netflix Adam Sandler

I didn’t realize Hubie Halloween was coming out until Netflix already dropped it. Netflix and Adam Sandler made a deal years back to make movies for the streaming service, and obviously Hubie Halloween is among them. Which kind of worked out in Adam Sandler‘s favor because what better year to release a movie like this than 2020?

Hubie Halloween megan red riding hood costume paris berelc

The film is set during the modern day in Salem, Massachusetts. Everybody in the town is excited for Halloween. Obviously, this must’ve been during 2019, as there is not a face mask in sight but plenty of costumes.

Hubie Halloween Netflix movie Hubie on bicycle Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler plays the main character who is Hubie Dubois. He works in the deli of a supermarket and is quite awkward. But he’s actually very sweet and selfless.

Hubie Halloween Netflix Hubie and Violet Valentine Julie Bowen Adam Sandler

He’s mainly distracted by the beauty of his crush Violet Valentine, who strangely likes him back. However, people start disappearing all over the town. And it will be up to Hubie to figure out the mystery or this will be a very horrible Halloween.

Hubie screams in haunted house Hubie Halloween Netflix Adam Sandler

Overall, Hubie Halloween was a bit disappointing. Though, I will say that it’s much much better than Sandler‘s Ridiculous 6. The plot and mystery could’ve been better, but I did like how it maintained the look and feel of a Halloween night. It may not be Sandler‘s best, but it’s far from his worst.

Score: B-

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  1. Jason wanted to watch this one the other day, but I told him it looked stupid. We might give it a try if there are no other good Halloween movies to watch soon.

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