Things I Like: Fire Lord Ozai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar the last Airbender fire lord Ozai nickelodeon

Fire lord Ozai is the main villain of the whole series in Avatar: The Last Airbender. While his grandfather started the global war, he was the newest fire lord to keep it going.

Avatar the last Airbender fire lord Ozai VS prince Zuko nickelodeon

We learned that he exiled Prince Zuko and gave him his infamous scar when his son refused to fight.

Fire Lord Azulon avatar the last Airbender nickelodeon

He didn’t have such a great relationship with his father either. We see the former fire lord unimpressed by his son and enraged when he suggests that Iroh should be disinherited because of the death of his own son.

Avatar the last Airbender fire lord Ozai murders his father nickelodeon

So it’s strongly suggested that he killed his own father to take the throne

Avatar the last Airbender fire lord Ozai crowns himself the Phoenix King nickelodeon

At the end of the series, he tries to take over the world as the Phoenix King, while giving the title of fire lord to his daughter Azula.

Avatar the last Airbender aang vs Ozai nickelodeon

His battle with Aang was the only time we got to see him fight for the most part. His fire and lightning were crazy strong.

Avatar the last Airbender nickelodeon aang takes away Ozai ability to firebend nickelodeon

After being defeated, Aang takes away his fire bending.

Avatar the last Airbender nickelodeon fire lord Zuko visits father Ozai in prison

I was glad to see him thrown in prison, powerless. His son was now Fire Lord Zuko and the two have a very interesting chat before the series ends.

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