The Legend of Korra (TV Series) Season 2 Review

The Legend of Korra season 2 poster nickelodeon

The Legend of Korra is a show I have started last month. I really enjoyed the first season, and I was definitely ready to start the second pretty soon afterward.

The Legend of Korra Korra arrives in the spirit world nickelodeon

After the defeat of Amon, Korra is having more challenges in the world. This new one will hit close to home, as very mysterious things happen to the people of the southern water tribe. And unfortunately, Korra has no legitimate strength when it comes to the spirit world.

The Legend of Korra evil spirit nickelodeon southern water tribe

Very evil spirits start attacking people at the southern water tribe. Korra’s uncle from the northern water tribe, amazes everybody when he’s able to calm down the spirits and send them to a peaceful realm.

The Legend of Korra Wan and raava the first avatar nickelodeon

She must learn about her ultimate past. She senses a vision from her original self, the original avatar named Wan. What happened in his life, will come back to say “hi” 10,000 years later. And she must be strong enough to survive this new challenge.

The Legend of Korra Tenzin kya bumi spirit world nickelodeon

Overall, the second season of the Legend of Korra was not quite as good as the first. But it was quite enjoyable, especially about the parts from 10,000 years before. I also enjoyed seeing Tenzin and his siblings.

Score: B

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