The Top of Grandfather Mountain

Summit of grandfather Mountain North Carolina

The closer you get to the top of Grandfather Mountain, the scarier the roads get. Luckily I was not the one driving. I might’ve had a panic attack unless it was my car which I’m more comfortable with.

Lady on Cliff grandfather Mountain North Carolina Appalachian mountains

The view from the top is quite impressive. The young lady on the cliff is definitely way braver than I. But there are more rocks below her that would catch her fall safely.

Top of grandfather mountain Appalachian Mountains North Carolina

The view is so stunningly beautiful. It almost looks unreal, but you know it’s real. The pictures really don’t do it justice.

Swinging bridge grandfather Mountain North Carolina

They also have the swinging bridge. I got about halfway and turned back. I would’ve been braver if there wasn’t so many people on the bridge at the same time. They definitely were not social distancing.

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  1. That’s the thing about travel. It never looks as good in photos. One definitely needs to see places with their own eyes to really capture nature’s beauty!

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