The Legend of Korra (TV Series) Season 3 Review

The Legend of Korra season 3 poster

Not too long ago, I started the Legend of Korra and I’m actually almost done now. The fourth season will be its last, so I only have one more to go. But how was the third season?

The Legend of Korra Korra gives speech to Republic city about spirits

The third season starts not long after the end of the second. Korra’s evil uncle has been defeated, and she has let all spirits enter the mortal world. However, this has led to her popularity in Republic City to decline rapidly when things don’t go well.

The Legend of Korra Tenzin and jinora train new Airbenders

Fortunately for Tenzin, his brother Bumi has gained the ability to air bend. And not only that, but people of all nations are starting to learn the ability to air bend. This gives him the hope of returning the Nation of Air Nomads back to its former glory.

The Legend of Korra zaheer and Minions speak to the Earth queen nickelodeon

A new group of villains soon emerge. They were all imprisoned long ago by the most important and powerful leaders of the world. They have the intention of capturing the avatar, but what are their true goals?

The Legend of Korra Kai is adopted by the Airbenders nickelodeon

Overall, the third season of the Legend of Korra is actually quite excellent. It was much better than the second and a little bit better than the first. I will definitely be starting the last season pretty soon.

Score: B+

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