Meme Dump: Ice Cream at Home

Abusive mother Memes flip-flop
Men’s shampoo Memes
Introvert Memes COVID-19
Tooth fairy Memes Santa Claus
Mortal Kombat Memes
Avatar the last Airbender Memes bender Futurama
MCU Memes captain America Tony Stark
Polar bear Memes
Introvert Memes seeing g someone you know at the store
Dog memes popular with the chicks
Rising toilet Memes
Mr. worldwide Memes Charles the fifth holy Roman Emperor
Siblings fighting memes
Adopting pets memes they are family
Funny signs arcade
Hunting dog for sale meme
Oregon Memes
Funny Memes
Star Wars Memes the clone wars
Driving in the snow meme

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2 thoughts on “Meme Dump: Ice Cream at Home

  1. The people who buy pets for gifts piss me off. My mom did that 5 years ago and I told her what a stupid idea it was. She never liked dogs (was a horrible pet owner when I was growing up) but figured her grandkids would love a puppy. Of course they would. They are kids. The novelty will wear off soon and they’ll ignore him. Sure enough, she bitched about having a dog that nobody paid attention to not even 2 years later. I ended up bringing him home with me last Christmas. Poor baby always seemed so depressed over there. Now he’s the happiest little weenie dog you’ve ever seen.

  2. I agree with not buying pets as presents, it’s a long commitment.
    The dog popular with chicks is cute 🙂

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