Things I Like: Bill Dauterive (King of the Hill)

King of the Hill bill Dauterive birthday party cake

Good old Bill Dauterive, where would King of the Hill be without this lovable but very sad man?

King of the Hill bill Dauterive and Hank Hill fox

We learn that he was actually a high school football star with a bright future. But then he lost his hair and his wife, and that left him a very broken man.

King of the Hill bill Dauterive and Peggy Hill fox

I will say, Bill wasn’t the greatest friend as he often would try to get what he could with Peggy Hill.

King of the Hill bill Dauterive Cross-Dressing ex wife fox

Bill lost all of his marbles in this moment.

King of the Hill Peggy Hill cooks for bill Dauterive

I often felt bad for Bill, as he would have success with new girlfriends, but the script would always do something that would ruin the relationship.

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