Hofer’s Bakery (Helen Georgia)

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia

On day two of Helen, Georgia, I ate breakfast at Hofer’s bakery. I wasn’t quite prepared for them to have a line to get in. Had to stand out for about 20 minutes in cold until my table was ready.

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia donuts chocolate doughnut

Their bakery section is quite appealing to the eye

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia cakes pies

Looking at them made me tempted just to order behind the counter and take it back to the motel room.

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia restaurant Cafe seating

But we sat down in the traditional restaurant area. The menu was a bit different from their bakery counter, of course.

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia Belgian waffle orange and pineapple

I had originally ordered a blueberry muffin and some biscuits, but they were out of the muffins. So I ordered a Belgian waffle instead. It was good, but not the best waffle I ever had.

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  1. OMG these look amazing. I wonder if they’d cater for me? Dairy free and vegetarian? Is it common over there? In Scotland, believe it or not, it is really easy to eat out and get catered for, plenty options in most places! Haha not after 25th, we are going into full lockdown again for min 3 weeks!

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