My Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

Luigi's Mansion 3 title screen Nintendo Switch

I remember back in 2001, when Nintendo fans were terribly disappointed that superY Mario Sunshine was not available at launch but rather Luigis Mansion. The sub-series has made a surprising come back after some fans gave it a try after many years. I missed out on the 3DS sequel but I definitely made sure to get the Nintendo Switch third game.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi and poochy ghost Nintendo Switch bus ride

I find it funny that Luigi went somewhere with his ghost dog and didn’t expect it to be haunted.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi and Mario princess peach arrive at ghost hotel Nintendo Switch

Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and some unlucky Toads get invited to stay at this hotel. And all the staff appeared to be ghosts.

hellen gravely meets luigi hotel stairs luigi's Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch

And the hotel owner doesn’t look suspicious at all…

Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi finds haunted room with flashlight Nintendo Switch

Luigi doesn’t even get a few hours of sleep before the whole hotel turns haunted.

Luigi's Mansion 3 king boo purple eyes hellen gravely Nintendo Switch

King Boo is back, and he’s captured everybody except Luigi. Honestly, he should’ve made him the first target.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi gets vacuum cleaner Nintendo Switch

I wasn’t a big fan on the sections where I had to walk around with nothing but a flashlight. I was so glad when I found my magic vacuum cleaner. I don’t need to call Ghostbusters, I’m Luigi.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi VS blue ghost Nintendo Switch hotel lobby

The controls are about what I remember. They also add Gyro aiming if you like that.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi and professor e gadd portable laboratory Nintendo Switch

So far, I played a little bit over an hour of Luigis Mansion 3. I’m definitely having fun with it so far.

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