Things I Like: Malcolm (Malcolm in the Middle)

Malcolm and Hal birthday party Frankie Muniz Bryan Cranston

I will say, Malcolm was probably one of the least likable main characters of any sitcom that I really enjoyed. He’s still likable, but ironically many of the other characters outshine him.

Dewey Malcolm Reese Malcolm in the middle  Erik Per Sullivan Justin Berfield Frankie Muniz

The middle child of my family was the one who tormented me so I was never really sympathetic with Malcolm‘s middle child issues. He often does the same terrible stuff as Reese did.

Malcolm and his wealthy grandfather Malcolm in the middle Christopher Lloyd Frankie Muniz

He was definitely smarter than Reese, and a little smarter than Francis.

Malcolm in the middle Reese Francis Dewey and Malcolm drive into pool with golf cart Frankie Muniz  Erik Per Sullivan Justin Berfield Christopher Kennedy Masterson

But he had severe emotional and moral downfalls. You would think a kid that smart wouldn’t know how to do the right thing.

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