Meme Dump: Trump Participation Trophies

Memes White house riots participation trophy
Memes Jedi score baby Yoda
Memes Mean retail employees
Memes Conservatives are racist
Memes Conservatives love bigotry
Memes Congress riots
Memes Donald Trump suspended on Twitter
Memes The rise of Skywalker force heal
Memes Donald Trump supporters BLM antifa
Memes Donald Trump is a traitor
Memes Donald Trump supporters free speech versus NFL process
Memes Netflix adaptation anime
Memes 2020 shopping for groceries
Memes Nationalism is a disease Albert Einstein “Trump supporters
Memes Trump supporters blaming their own riots on antifa
Memes Ovulation
Memes The cooler Daniel wonder woman at 84
Memes American government
Memes Donald Trump should be arrested for treason

Published by Adam (Neko Random)

Nerdy guy who loves video games, movies, history, tv, and trivia.

One thought on “Meme Dump: Trump Participation Trophies

  1. Never did I imagine that something like this would happen in the America I love and chose as my adopted country. I was terribly saddened, but not surprised. Yet I was still shocked, horrified at what I was seeing. I’m so proud of Jason Crow, my Congressman. He is a man of honor and integrity, and he is brave.


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