Meme Dump: Simpsons Creating History

Memes Simpsons predicting history
Memes Types of Disney mom
Memes Mayor max the dog
Memes Video game modern day solutions
Memes Finding the perfect partner
Memes Girls who listen to metal
Memes Anime villains
Memes Baby shampoo no more tears
Memes Donald Trump supporters Karen
Memes Star Wars Count Dooku
Memes Singing and dancing in your car
Memes Anakin Skywalker younglings
Memes Anakin Skywalker you turned her against me
Memes Baby Yoda COVID-19
Memes Anti-maskers in Starbucks
Memes Donald Trump banned on social media
Memes Imagine humans thinking you have a right to Twitter but not healthcare
Memes Immunity dog from negativity
Memes South park man bear pig Al Gore
Memes Homer Simpson

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Nerdy guy who loves video games, movies, history, tv, and trivia.

One thought on “Meme Dump: Simpsons Creating History

  1. Drake is so right. And love the girls listening to metal! Haha I would call myself a rocker (I like 60s and 70s rock…Hendrix, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Thin get the idea) but not many girls in Scotland are into that? I don’t understand 😐

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