The Beach at Myrtle Beach

Driving to Myrtle Beach south carolina

I think I’ve been to Myrtle Beach as a kid, but we always went to Charleston for the beach for most of my life.

Waves of the ocean Myrtle Beach south carolina

It’s definitely a very popular beach on the Atlantic coast especially outside of Florida.

Buildings and beach Myrtle Beach south carolina

I do enjoy seeing the city buildings around the beach.

Sun shining down on Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Ocean south carolina

Sunday was the best weather during our time at the beach. It was still cold and windy, but the Sun was very beautiful and the sky too.

Beach towels and blankets Myrtle Beach south carolina

We spent a good time laying down on the beach and enjoying the weather as we could.

Ocean and sand near boardwalk Myrtle Beach south carolina

Then we went to another spot miles down from the hotel.

Winter at Myrtle Beach south carolina

Both parts of the beach that we saw didn’t have a lot of people.

Long sandy Beach Myrtle Beach south carolina

But the reason we went to this part of the beach.

Pier Myrtle Beach south carolina

Was to walk on the pier.

Gated pier Myrtle Beach south carolina

And it was gated off… That was very disappointing, I will admit.

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