Meme Dump: The Simpsons Predicted Kamala Harris

Memes Lisa Simpson President of the United States Kamala Harris vice president of the United States
Memes Barack Obama gun control
Memes World war two France using the power of friendship
Memes Crazy Republicans
Memes Crying trump supporters
Memes Donald Trump last day as president
Memes Phillips and flat head
Memes Mobile games on phone
Memes Positivity meme Kirby from Nintendo
Memes Donald Trump claiming he won the election
Memes The element of surprise
Memes Oversleeping being late for work
Memes Baby boomers staring at Muslims
Memes Kung fu panda dodgeball
Memes Stacey Abrams versus the republican party of Georgia
Memes Aliens on the history channel
Memes Samuel L Jackson
Memes Waking up cold SpongeBob SquarePants
Memes Squidward tentacles
Memes Scary pitbull

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