Superman: Red Son (2020 Film) Review

Superman red son movie poster dc comics

I had heard of the comic book storyline Superman: Red Son awhile ago, and I was excited they were making an animated movie of it. The premise is very intriguing as it has the Son of Krypton crash landing in Russia rather than Kansas.

Superman red son superman kills Joseph Stalin Soviet Union

Instead of being American, Kal-El becomes a proud citizen of the Soviet Union. By the 1950s, he is a young man working for Joseph Stalin. Communist Russia scares the United States silly as Superman leading their army is a very scary thought.

Superman red son lex luthor creates superior man

But the Americans aren’t totally unprepared. The man who volunteers to take down Superman one way or another is Lex Luthor. Hoping his capitalist bank account and the magic of science will win the day.

Superman red son superman vs superior man

And then we see the Soviet Superman fight beings either created to stop him or capable of giving him a run for his money. Will his homeland survive? Or will the world itself perish in a bitter battle of politics and superpowers?

Superman red son Russian batman captures wonder woman

Superman: Red Son is actually a pretty good movie. I’m not too sure how faithful it is to the comic book, but I can imagine they didn’t really stray too far from it. Far from DC’s greatest tale, but it is one of the better animated movies they’ve made in quite some time.

Score: B+

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