Mulan (2020 Film) Review

Mulan 2020 movie poster Disney Liu Yifei

I wouldn’t say Mulan is my favorite Disney movie ever, but I did like it a lot. Disney decided to remake it last year, not without controversy though. Its star decided to voice support for Communist China using police brutality against protesters in Hong Kong. I was not going to see the film in theaters because of that, and Covid-19 kept virtually everyone from seeing it in theaters anyway. But now that it’s on Disney+, I don’t care too much about that now.

Mulan 2020 Bori Khan vs Chinese soldiers Jason Scott Lee 

The plot of Mulan is very similar to the plot of the animated Mulan, both of them based on the same Chinese legend. Mongolians have decided to invade China, having their eyes on the nation’s capital and the emperor’s throne. Being overwhelming and vicious, China’s hopes look kind of dim.

Mulan 2020 mulan red dress long hair Liu Yifei

The emperor’s army goes to every town and requests every family to enlist one male to fight in the army. Mulan has no brothers and her father is nearly crippled. Knowing that her dad will most likely die in the upcoming war, she decides to do the unthinkable.

Mulan 2020 mulan male Chinese military uniform Liu Yifei

So she decides to cut her hair, and steal her father’s leather armor. She goes without makeup and pretends to be a boy. While she is very convincing at first, everyone watching knows that she can’t keep that kind of secret forever.

Mulan 2020 mulan vs Xianniang Gong Li

Overall I liked Mulan about as much as I expected. Though, I miss the wonderful songs and Mushu the dragon from the first film. I see why they left them out, but they do feel a tiny bit hollow without them. I’m not sure how everyone else felt about the movie, but Disney did well enough.

Score: B

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