Neko Random VS PragerU: Understanding Men and Women Why They See Things Differently

Man and woman symbols

PragerU has been around for almost a decade now, commonly popping up all over social media pretending to be a university. I have decided to critique every single video of notability one by one. And the first one, isn’t super political and is done by an author named Alison Armstrong.

Cave people cooking over a fire

She first starts out her video by comparing men’s and women’s inner selves to a caveman and a cavewoman. It’s rather dumb to compare the male gender solely on a Fred Flintstone and all females on Wilma Flintstone.

Construction worker working with spiral rod iron

She later starts to compare the happiness of males with the work that they do. Honestly, hard work works on both genders not just men. And the video showcases very masculine jobs while doing so. Yes many construction workers are men, some are office workers, some are hairdressers, and some are even makeup artists. Men can do any job, the same is true for women.

Renaissance art

When it came to understanding women, she points out that women mainly get their happiness from their mate. I derive my source of happiness in a very similar manner, does that make me a woman? Of course not, everything in this video is painted black and white, and life and reality are countless shades of grey.

Painting of a caveman

This video was mainly done to brainwash anyone stupid enough to believe in stereotypes that remind me of how men and women acted in the 1950s. And I’m also sure it was done to express low-key homophobia and transphobia to its viewers. I will say the only thing I really agree with the video, is that Republicans probably are cave people deep down.

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