Vixen (2017 Film) Review

Vixen 2017 movie poster arrowverse flash green arrow

I may be a big fan of works based on DC Comics, but even I had no idea who Vixen was. I knew she had something to do with other DC Comics superheroes, but that was about it. Turns out this one was made for the Arrowverse on the CW a few years back.

Vixen 2017 Mari McCabe asking professor about her family dc comics

The hero of the story is Mari McCabe, a young woman native to Detroit, Michigan. The Flash and Green Arrow chase after her and we really don’t know why at first. But it becomes very obvious that she has some sort of superpowers.

Flash Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon look for Mari McCabe vixen 2017

But the source of her power isn’t necessarily in her DNA but rather the necklace she wears. With it she can summon the strength of any animal she can think of. She inherited the necklace from her birth mother, whom she had never met.

Vixen 2017 Mari McCabe meets her sister Kuasa

She finds out that she was really born in Africa and not the United States of America. The Africans who know the true power of the necklace soon come out to claim it for themselves. But will she be able to survive without truly knowing how to use her powers?

Vixen 2017 Mari McCabe new costume dc comics Detroit

To be honest, Vixen isn’t the greatest animated movie by DC Comics but it’s far from the worst. I hear it actually was a TV series before the movie and the film is a combination of all those plots into one which always comes out rather wishy-washy in quality. But I did like her character and powers.

Score: B-

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