Neko Random VS PragerU: Why Bad Luck is Good

Four leaf clover in grass

PragerU is a fake university run by lying conservatives. I have decided to critique every single video of notability. This one was narrated by Adam Carolla who I remember fondly on The Man Show back on Comedy Central. He starts out the video by saying that even bad luck can be good luck.

Kids with cancer

And yet he points out that no matter how unlucky you are, it could be worse…

Golden microphone

He quickly defends himself as he has notable wealth and celebrity status, owing it to his hard work mostly. He admits that he managed to luck out by getting a spot on Jimmy Kimmel’s radio show back in the day. No matter how many good comedians there are out there, only a very few get to have radio shows or talk shows. While a lot of that is talent, much of it is luck.

Filling in lottery picks

He says that being unlucky gets you to go to work instead of scratching off lottery tickets every day. While a few lucky people get rich off of the lottery, most of them lose money, not make it a source of income, even a small one.

US sailor laying bricks United States maybe navy

If working hard gets you successful, shouldn’t this man make more than Adam Carolla? I’m not too sure the income for either, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he brought home at least 20 times as much as this man.

President Donald Trump boarding the air force one

Donald Trump was well known for being a very notable billionaire for most of my lifetime. But he didn’t achieve the success on his own. He inherited a vast fortune from his father, and the government had bailed him out many times when his businesses would fail. If Donald Trump was born in a working class family, he would be pumping gasoline in New Jersey as a job.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez AOC

Let’s take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for example. She was from a working-class family and she won a party primary that secured her a congress seat. She definitely had to work hard and have talent to achieve that, but the biggest factor behind all of that, was mere luck. Luck may be statistics taken personally, but it does drive much of the greatest success.

Being an absolute clown at the workforce

I consider myself a very hard worker, and I have had luck in the job field. But I have learned many many times that hard work often goes unrewarded. Look at the meme above and I can definitely sympathize with its creator. Some people get lucky and get the rewards that the hardest workers should receive. I really wish that wasn’t the case.

Broken window

It’s very asinine to say that bad luck can be good. If Adam Carolla expected people to go to work and be humble, perhaps he needs a lesson in humility before offering it to others.

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